2.4 Upgrade for Control4

Control4 is upgrading their systems to 2.4 this April and there are a lot of really great new features.

Anywhere Access

You can now use your smart phone or tablet to remotely access and control your devices as if you were home.  As long as you have the 4 sight subscription, you are now able to lock your doors, turn on/off lights, adjust the temperature, detect a water leak, etc. to have peace of mind away from home.  A neat feature of this technology is that it can tell if you are not on WiFi and automatically switches to 3G/4G on your smart phone.


With your Control4 Controller (HC-800 or HC250) you can now enjoy TuneIn.  This allows you to access radio stations all over the world as well as local ones.  Once you create a TuneIn account, your controller will sync with other devices in the home so you can share favorites.  You can also select a song and see other channels that are playing that song.  This App is all about personalization!


Music Bridge

The new Control4 Bridge connects your computer, smart phone and tablet to your controller. It also connects to AirPlay and bluetooth (wireless range of 30′).  For example, when you select music on your computer it will essentially be pushed to your controller.


Rechargeable Remote Station

Control4 is now offering a Remote re-charging station that can run on any AA battery.  If you do not have an HC250 yet, there is a bundle package available.

If you have any questions, please let me know. We are really excited about these new 2.4 Control4 Features!

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