Grand Valute Ballrooms

We were very pleased to work with Kent at Grand Valute Ballrooms. Each project we address, we look at it from the owners point of view. In this case, we had to resolve how to set up the dance floor lighting and sound to best serve the clients needs.

First, we addressed the sound by providing Crown XLS 1000 Power Amplifier and the Sound Craft EPM 6 Mixing Board. Not only was quality of sound and power handling important, but placement of speakers was critical to our design. We placed the speakers so that the sound was facing the dance floor and away from the tables. This allows the people at the tables to hear the music and yet be able to talk decently. At the same time, the people dancing could rock and roll the night away. Finally, integrating the color lighting system completed our goal for an awesome experience.

Main Components:
Chauvet LED DMX Strobe Light
Chauvet Intimidator Spot Light
Elation Show-Designer-1 DMX Lighting Controller
Sound Craft EPM Channel Mixer
JBL Control 30 Loudspeaker
JBL SB210 Speaker Subwoofer
Crown XLS 1000 Power Amplifier

Abe Kalawart

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