Like our Residential philosophy,  Streamline Systems wants our Control System to be easy to use and meet our customers’ daily, practical needs in order to simplify their lives.

Having audio playing throughout the office adds a soothing and professional atmosphere.  Streamline Systems also gives our clients an audio system with easy access to the many audio streaming sources.

Automated control of such areas as Lighting and Temperature not only gives one comfort and convenience, it saves the client money by conserving energy.

A client can look at their office from a remote location with our network cameras.  From there, they may also let someone into their building after hours by disarming the Security System and turning on the lights.  The client can be e-mailed if there is ever a power outage or the equipment needs to be rebooted.

Streamline Systems designs their  audio, video, lighting, and security systems to match their client’s daily needs.  The client can be sure that as their needs change, their system design can be upgraded and grow along with the company.

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