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  • Awesome sound delivered by clean, accurate Integra Amplifiers.
  • Incredible video quality provided by Epson, JVC, Samsung and LG.
  • Balanced out speakers to the home theater for optimum sound.  We carry brands such as Boston, Monitor, and KEF.
  • Easy one-button control remote.
  • A home theater designed to fit your budget.

We are proud to show some of our professionally installed Home Theaters and House TVs in West Michigan. Each one is designed with the client’s unique needs and aspirations in mind.  Whether a client wants the theater to disappear into the decor or to step into a room that makes one feel like they just stepped into the cinema, Streamline Systems can design a variety of home theater experiences.  Streamline Systems specializes in creating the whole ambiance of what a client desires in their home theater.  Every detail is accounted for as the products and aesthetics join together to make a simple room turn into a great sounding and visually stimulating home theater.

House TV

Today’s low profile flat screen TV’s can fit in places where your old television never could. Streamline Systems specializes in clean installations.


Does your home entertainment system have way too many remotes? Streamline Systems Inc. offers easy to use remotes and controls that can take away the mess and confusion. Our control systems are professionally programmed and tested to ensure accuracy and reliability. Whether you want to control your home theater with a Universal Remote Control or your whole house using Control4’s software on your iPad, Kindle Fire,  Android Tablet or Control4’s own HC-250 Controller, let us simplify your life by simplifying your remotes.

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